Top 10 Reasons To Roll With Duckpin

June 22, 2017 by Maryn Jacobs

Shopping for the perfect agency is like dating. There are many factors involved when finding that perfect match and creative partnership. It has to be the right fit, you have to feel the connection and know they’re on the same wavelength when it comes to your future goals. Here are 10 reasons why we feel Duckpin is the agency of your dreams. Let us pull out your chair so you may sit and enjoy…

We’re Invested In Your Success

Our master plan is not to get you in the door, get your money and then send you on your way. That’s not how we roll. Duckpin takes pride in every project because we know ultimately our success is your success, and vice versa. We view our clients as partners, and as such, we don’t want the relationship to end once the invoice is paid. Our master plan is to grow with you, evolve with you, and see where the journey takes us together. You can definitely take us home to meet your mom.

We’re A One-Stop Shop

Duckpin isn’t just your run-of-the-mill agency. No, siree—we do it all, and that’s a good thing. We offer everything from branding to website design and development to packaging design and digital marketing. Our team is prepared to take your well thought out idea and turn it into a reality. For example, our combined skills allow us to create a logo, design your product packaging, create in-store displays, setup your e-commerce site, create digital ads and print collateral to market your product, produce trade show displays, and more! Duckpin really is all that and a bag of chips.

We Have Over 30 Years Of Experience

We may not be over the hill quite yet, but we can see it on the horizon. As a team, we bring over 30 years of design and development experience to the table. Our backgrounds are diverse and combine to create a dynamic cohesion fueled for success. There truly is no “I” in our Team. We work together to produce the strongest solutions for our clients because we know six heads are greater than one.

Duckpin Team

Outsourcing Isn’t In Our Vocabulary

We fully admit that the game of Telephone is not our forte. You tell us, we tell someone else, things get fuzzy, stuff goes downhill, someone throws a shoe…you get the picture. Our clients work directly with us and only us. All projects are managed, designed and developed in-house to guarantee quality, consistency and timeliness. You hire us, you get us—end of story. No games…but we do like to bowl!

We Love A Challenge

We double dog dare you to find a project we can’t handle. In our 30+ years of experience we have seen and heard it all. By nature of being such a diverse group, it allows us to take on just about anything that comes our way. We love to expand our knowledge and skill base, and strive to discover out-of-the-box solutions for our clients. If you want to transform your building into a pop up 3D laser cut invitation with pillow embossing, we’re your guy. Challenge is our middle name…ok, we don’t have one, but how cool would that be?

We’re Budget-Conscious

We don’t see green until you see black. Your budget is one of the key topics of discussion in our Discovery Meeting. By doing so, it allows us to tailor our solutions to your needs and set realistic expectations. We do our best to give you what you want while being transparent with the cost of certain asks. If custom marketing and design solutions are not a wallet-friendly option at the current time, we offer alternative pre-designed packages with 7Ten, our digital marketing program. These options allow you to grow your brand with the goal to transition to a more robust solution when the time is right for you.

Duckpin Team

We’re Honest…Honestly

We’re not brutal by any means, but we’re going to voice opinions and concerns when necessary. If we feel you’re going in the wrong direction, we’re not going to let you go careening off a cliff. We’re not in the business of wasting time or money. As said before, we’re all about realistic expectations. Duckpin wants to be the Yoda to your Luke. We believe in and stand behind our services, and by using open communication and transparency, we know you will too.

We’re Real People

“If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh?” Please don’t tickle us. But, yes, we are real! You can check us all out on our team page and please remember that we are not models. If you want to meet us and are near the Baltimore area, feel free to reach out and set up a Discovery Meeting. If you’re out of town or across the pond, please email us at

We’re Small, But Kind Of A Big Deal

Like Mark Twain / our favorite No Fear t-shirt said, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of the fight in the dog.” We are small, but we pack a punch. The perks of working with a small agency are that you, the client, won’t get lost in the sea of people and the chaos of a larger company. We know you, you know us. Additionally, we’re able to take advantage of flexibility. Being a small agency not only means each of us is an expert in our field, it also creates an environment which exposes us to a wide range of strategies that grow our skill sets to create new specialties that help meet our clients’ goals. Marketing is constantly being redefined and we’re prepared for it.

And finally…

Because They Said So

“Duckpin has proven to be a great extension to our in-house creative team—providing brand-right content to help drive our key initiatives.” — Eric Clemmer, Director of Global Marketing Operations at Under Armour

“Duckpin is the team that will seamlessly capture your vision, and give it life.” — Steven Brecher, Owner of The Bagelry Silver Spring

“With Duckpin, we didn’t just get creativity and great design, we got a team of folks as excited about our product as we are, and a commitment to helping us bring it to life.” — Joan Kanner, Founder of Fugue

“The crew at Duckpin has been with us from inception. They are extremely creative, professional, intuitive and fun! They understand our brand and their design and technical expertise is critical in helping us to spread the CharmedBar message.” — Debbi Ascher, Co-Founder of CharmedBar

“Having dealt with many design companies, I got to see our client’s growth patterns. Design companies are like buying a glove, IT MUST FIT PERFECTLY and what Duckpin does is not design a label, they actually create a brand. Fusia would have never got to where it is without the clear understanding of Duckpin as to who the client was and who we are as a company. They brilliantly translated who we are into a label, a logo and created a DNA for our entire brand.” —Marwan Moheyeldian, CEO of Maryland Packaging

“Duckpin has been an outstanding creative design agency with which to work. From our initial conversations about selecting the right illustrator for my manuscript to the last minute edits to prior to publication. The Duckpin team was committed and focused on helping me bring my book to life. They made themselves readily available, providing excellent communication about the status of the project, and they allayed any concerns that I may have had with aplomb and finesse. Their knowledge and expertise helped make a potentially daunting experience flow smoothly, in a timely fashion.

To me, Duckpin is regarded as a partnership, not simply a resource or a means to an end. I am thrilled with what we have achieved and recommend them highly.” — Hilary Grant Dixon, Author of Maggie Sinclair, Will You Please Fix Your Hair?

“The team at Duckpin listened to our design and branding needs, and dug deep to explore the drive behind our company to get to the root of what our brand means to us and to the public. They looked for inspiration by exploring our values and goals, and came up with branding that is bold, unique, and expresses the culture of our company.” — Jason Lusby, Team Leader at The Lusby Group

Your Perfect Game AwaitsGet Your Project Rolling

Your Perfect Game AwaitsGet Your Project Rolling