A Micro Guide to Environmental Graphic Design

February 23, 2022 by Phoebe Cochran

Have you ever found yourself immersed within an environment that was not only visually interesting, but also displayed the artistic side of a brand? Has your Instagram feed been flooded with imagery from the Van Gogh Exhibition: The Immersive Experience throughout the last year? If so, you’ve experienced first-hand how impactful environmental design can be. Environmental design serves as a multi-sensory, layered experience to attract consumers in a built world environment that tells a brand’s story. In the Van Gogh Exhibition: The Immersive Experience, viewers step foot into a curated environment filled with 360 projections of Vincent Van Gogh paintings that reach from the ceiling to the floor. Paintings come to life before the viewers’ very eyes, as flowers bloom and starry skies twinkle around them. Whether this is their first introduction to Van Gogh’s paintings or they’re an art aficionado, the experience remains the same: an unforgettable immersion into the world of Van Gogh. 

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

Source: Fever

How Can Brands Create an Unforgettable Experience for Consumers? 

Take a look at this recent Lincoln Tech x Duckpin x Overhead Door collaboration on Lincoln Tech’s Columbia, MD campus. This environmental design project displays the history of Overhead Door’s company in a branded hallway that students enter and exit through daily. As a brand experience, students are introduced to Overhead Door by displaying the company’s history on the walls and a mirrored installation that encourages students to picture themselves working for the company as they walk through the hallways between classes. It’s a complete environmental installation that incorporates environmental graphic design, lighting, the building’s architecture, and unique touchpoints that add to the visual experience for students. It’s both inspiring and an unforgettable experience that surrounds students in their daily lives, bringing life to a hallway that might’ve previously been walked through without any afterthought. 


What is Environmental Graphic Design, Anyways?

Think of environmental graphic design as an all-encompassing, multi-dimensional design experience for companies to share their brand story and identity through imagery, interior design, architecture, and artistic expression. For companies, the end goal of incorporating environmental graphic design is to make authentic, tangible connections between people and your brand. Incorporating environmental graphic design into your brand strategy can create a unique connection between your company and your targeted audience at a select moment in time. 

Different Types of Environmental Design 

You can incorporate different types of environmental design experiences, completely dependent upon how you’d like to share your brand story. Some companies might opt for a branded graphic environment (like what we designed for Overhead Door Group x Lincoln Tech), digital signage in the form of electronic signs, public installations that include a brand logo, storefront design, interactive experiences, or graphics that can cover unique surfaces like doors and glass within a building. However you choose to share your brand story, we can work with you to build a customized environment inspired by your company.

get immersed with us.

get immersed with us.