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6 Costly Mistakes PPC Advertisers Make & Tips for Avoiding Them [Checklist]

January 28, 2021by Andrew Clark

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PPC, or pay-per-click, advertising offers a lot of potential benefits to businesses, especially increased exposure and sales among new and existing customers. In order to achieve these wins and avoid wasting money, advertisers need to take the proper steps ahead of launching ads to ensure their campaigns are properly set-up.…

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Awareness Campaign Best Practices for Non-Profits (2021)

December 29, 2020by Andrew Clark

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Raising awareness around a cause and soliciting donations, be it monetarily or in-kind, in the best of times is a challenge for non-profits. Add into the mix a global pandemic, restrictions around in-person gatherings, and financial hardships, and these organizations face even greater obstacles. This situation can appear insurmountable and…

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Welcome a New Roller, Dustin Douglas

December 9, 2020by Andrew Clark

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We're happy to share that the Duckpin team has grown again with Dustin Douglas joining as our Client Care Manager. Dustin is a dyed-in-the-wool Marylander who began his professional career in staffing and recruitment. After several years, he decided to pursue his passion for all things digital, making a pivot…

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#ShopSmall: SMB Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

November 19, 2020by Andrew Clark

Small Business Saturday Tips from Duckpin

If you've been into a store lately, you've likely already been bombarded with marketing related to the upcoming winter holiday season. This may leave you thinking, "What is going on? Every year the holiday season promotions keep getting earlier!" Even being a marketer, I can empathize with your feelings, and…

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Branding Mistakes That Can Haunt You

October 29, 2020by Andrew Clark

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As we near the year's most frightening holiday, Halloween, we thought it was the right time to focus on something scarier than any grotesque monster stalking the night: branding mistakes that come to haunt businesses. To help identify them and ways to avoid their consequences, we consulted with some of…

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