How to Create Quality Content

July 24, 2019by Kandice Wilson

How to create quality content

One responsibility of marketing professionals is to craft content that is informative, entertaining, and high quality. It’s essential to creating an online presence that reflects the purpose of your brand while attracting your target audience. Before you start writing, establishing proven techniques for creating quality content will save you time…

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Introducing Our Newest Roller: Derek Hargest

June 26, 2019by Andrew Woods

Introducing Derek Hargest Duckpin

This week we welcome our newest Roller and Senior Web Developer Derek Hargest to the Duckpin family! Learn a bit more about him below. Derek Hargest Derek, who is a Baltimore native and an avid Ravens fan, began his web development career in 2012. Through his past professional experiences, he…

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More Purpose and Less Party: My Time Volunteering at Campout for the Cause

June 13, 2019by Ryan Dunn

All Duckpin team members are encouraged to spend quality time outside of the office environment to recharge. We have monthly team building outings, indulge ourselves on the occasional company wide “mandatory" walk around the neighborhood, or in this case, we have two available days off dedicated to volunteer work. I’ve…

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Celebrate Pride in Your Performance

June 10, 2019by Kandice Wilson

celebrate pride month june

June is pride month for the LGBTQ community. It was designated to commemorate the Stonewall riots that took place in New York in June 1969. It’s also the month when many cities around the country, including Baltimore, host their pride parades and festivals. The purpose is to encourage LGBTQ people…

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Web Development

5 Benefits of Custom Website Design & Development

June 10, 2019by Andrew Clark

Benefits of Custom Website Design and Development Duckpin

For anyone with a limited budget setting up a website using a drag-and-drop website builder is a great solution. That being said, this choice does come with drawbacks. If you've been left wanting from drag-and-drop website builders like Wix or Squarespace, it might be time your business graduated to custom…

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