Web Development Lead

The Web Development Lead is both a Senior Developer and Web Support Manager. They are responsible for the development of websites as well as managing our support system alongside a small team of other developers.

To be successful as a developer at Duckpin, you should be:

  • Comfortable working with a small team of developers
  • Excellent with time management
  • Adaptable to fluctuations in workload and timelines


  • Willing to work on-site, in our office in downtown Towson, MD
  • Self-motivated and independent, but enjoys being part of a collaborative environment
  • Ability to nimbly and positively react to tight deadlines and changing priorities
  • 3+ years of web application development experience
  • Proven expertise with:
    • HTML
    • CSS/SASS
    • JS
    • JSON
    • GIT
    • REST APIs
    • WordPress (both custom php themes and builder themes)
    • Shopify
    • Security best practices
  • Ability to juggle multiple support tickets and dispatching throughout the day
  • Great communication skills and customer service directly with clients
  • Quickly diagnose website issues whether it be code related or an issue with DNS, SSL or SMTP
  • Capable of performing site migrations and plugin/performance cleanup
  • An instinctual curiosity to broaden your development skillset
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills


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