Ecommerce SEO Case Study: VDB Shoes

May 13, 2024by Andrew Woods

In this E-Commerce SEO case study, we will go over the results garnered by a Baltimore shoe store and the strategy that got them there! When Van Dyke & Bacon first came to us looking for SEO and search engine marketing, their organic search presence was low. Despite being an…

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Medical E-commerce Case Study: Dunn Medical

February 26, 2024by Andrew Woods

Getting your e-commerce store off the ground can be difficult. Once you spend the time to plan your online store, build your site, get your products uploaded, line up suppliers, and everything in between, it can feel a little bit like, “Now what?”. Unfortunately, running an online store is nothing…

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Structured Data – What It Is and Why You Need It On Your Website

July 8, 2022by Matt Culloty

What is Structured Data or Schema Markup

Many subjects in digital marketing can be less than clear for businesses that need digital marketing - SEO, CRO and so forth. Structured data is one of those. TL;DR - Structured data helps search engines understand content better - Google turns them into the Rich Snippets seen under search results.…

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Facebook Ads

How to Build Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns

April 29, 2022by Phoebe Cochran

facebook ad

While it's always important to partner with an advertising agency that can carefully curate your brand's image and voice, you'll also want to understand what goes into building successful Facebook ad campaigns. In doing so, you can utilize Facebook's advertising platform to maximize your marketing efforts.  If you've ever found…

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Duckpin Named a Google Partner

March 23, 2022by Andrew Woods

welcome new roller

Duckpin is named a Google Partner by Google, which means that our full-service digital marketing and advertising agency has the expertise your business needs to maximize your marketing objectives and campaign success. Within the Google Partners Directory, our Marketing Department holds at least 5 certifications in the following areas: Search, Display,…

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics for Business: The Complete Rundown

March 9, 2022by Phoebe Cochran

GA header

If you're looking for an effective way to gain insight into your business's website traffic, but you aren't sure where to start, you should consider adding Google Analytics into your marketing strategy. For businesses, there are two options of Google Analytics to choose from. The free version of Google Analytics,…

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