Content Marketing

Law Firm Web Design: Tips, Best Practices, And Inspiration [2021]

March 17, 2021by Andrew Woods

law firm web design

A law firm’s website should not be designed like any other website. There are best practices and strategies that can turn a law website from just another website into a case-generating machine. By empowering your website with the techniques below, you can turn your site into an invaluable asset and…

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Google Ads

6 Costly Mistakes PPC Advertisers Make & Tips for Avoiding Them [Checklist]

January 28, 2021by Andrew Woods

PPC Advertisers

PPC, or pay-per-click, advertising offers a lot of potential benefits to businesses, especially increased exposure and sales among new and existing customers. In order to achieve these wins and avoid wasting money, advertisers need to take the proper steps ahead of launching ads to ensure their campaigns are properly set-up.…

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#ShopSmall: SMB Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

November 19, 2020by Andrew Woods

smb marketing tips

If you've been into a store lately, you've likely already been bombarded with marketing related to the upcoming winter holiday season. This may leave you thinking, "What is going on? Every year the holiday season promotions keep getting earlier!" Even being a marketer, I can empathize with your feelings, and…

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Google Ads

How SEO and PPC Work Together

July 28, 2020by Andrew Woods

Google Search on Mobile

Are you doing SEO for your website? Have you tried Google Ads or PPC? You’ve probably been asked the above questions or have even researched them yourself. While both marketing channels can produce results individually, I’ve found that a combination of SEO and PPC can create some serious synergy for…

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Google Ads

Clear the Clutter from Your Google Ads Account

March 20, 2019by Andrew Woods

Google Ads Spring Cleaning

Warmer temperatures, more daylight, nature reawakening, and people diving headfirst into decluttering their homes - all signs that springtime is upon us. While cleaning might not be your idea of fun, your Google Ads account also requires some TLC after the busy fall and winter holiday seasons. What's at stake if…

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Google Ads

2019 Resolutions for Your Google Ads Account

January 15, 2019by Andrew Woods

2019 Google Ads Resolutions Featured Image

With 2019 only a few weeks old and the post-holiday haze gone, now is a great time to analyze how your paid digital marketing efforts, specifically Google Ads, have performed and how to improve them. As a quick refresher here's Google's summary of its Ads platform: Google Ads (formerly Google…

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