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Announcing the Website Launch of Harford Belair: Community Mental Health Center

February 28, 2022by Andrew Woods

web design services

Duckpin recently launched Harford Belair: Community Mental Health Center's new website. Harford Belair provides supportive, high-quality psychiatric care and mental health services conveniently located within the heart of two communities. As a critical mental health resource in Baltimore City, it was important for individuals searching for mental health care services…

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Web Development

Digital Accessibility: Is My Website ADA Compliant?

December 15, 2021by Andrew Woods

ADA Accessibility

Throughout the last two years, the global pandemic has highlighted an essential need for all websites to be accessible to everyone. As consumers have been forced to spend more time consuming online content instead of shopping in stores, businesses have had to pivot to ensure that their content is accessible…

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Web Development

Reasons You Should Hire a Web Design Agency vs. Building a DIY Website

November 29, 2021by Andrew Woods

web design agency

We're living in a digital age where it's more important to have a well-designed, functional website than ever before. For small businesses and e-commerces alike, it's essential to have an online presence that speaks volumes about your business. When you first begin to mull over the idea of overhauling your…

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Interview with Andrew Woods of Duckpin | The Approach | Ep. 25

July 20, 2021by Andrew Woods

Andrew Woods

In this entry of The Approach, we are speaking with Andrew Woods, Founder, and CEO of Duckpin. We discuss the benefits of hiring an agency instead of an individual. Andrew Woods discusses how cheaper isn’t always better and the value of teamwork. If you are a business owner and would…

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