Celebrate Pride in Your Performance

June 10, 2019 by Andrew Woods

June is pride month for the LGBTQ community. It was designated to commemorate the Stonewall riots that took place in New York in June 1969. It’s also the month when many cities around the country, including Baltimore, host their pride parades and festivals. The purpose is to encourage LGBTQ people and allies to celebrate visibility and strides toward equality.

Since June is the sixth month and midway through the year, it’s also the perfect time to pause and recognize your business accomplishments thus far. Have you met or exceeded any goals? How many new clients have you secured? Take pride in your performance and get ready for more success as the year moves on.

Team Building

A great way to recognize your team’s hard work is by scheduling some fun team building exercises. And since it’s pride month, you can incorporate some pride themes into the events and activities that you schedule. Continue to make your office an inclusive and safe space, and consider hosting a fundraiser for a local organization for LGBTQ youth. You could also screen an iconic film or documentary about queer history. Team building is also a great way to encourage collaboration, facilitate communication, and boost morale and camaraderie. Furthermore, it gives them the opportunity to step away from their desks and decompress, allowing them to put more creativity into their work.

Consider adding team building to your overall yearly budget. That way you can plan more engaging outings and activities. Whether it’s on a monthly or quarterly basis, it allows coworkers to bond in a way that will ultimately translate back into the office. Send out a survey and let people vote on the next team building activity. Then, post some team photos on your social platforms to share your company culture with your customers and community.


Attending Conferences

Keep the energy of a successful six months going by taking the opportunity to learn more and grow your network. Attend an industry conference. Your company reps will get the chance to network with peers, expand brand awareness, and build leads. It’s the perfect time of year because spring and summer are the most popular seasons for conferences.

You can decide if a particular conference will be worth the investment by doing some research ahead of time into who will be speaking, the types of workshops that are scheduled, and what other companies will be in attendance. In addition, you should set some goals for the conference to ensure that your team comes back with plenty gems to share with the office for greater productivity and success.

Setting New Goals

Pride month is the perfect time for a midyear reset. Assess your business performance thus far and evaluate what should be changed, expanded upon, or abandoned. Set new goals for the remainder of the year that will help you stay on track with your achievement and on top of your business objectives.

Schedule meetings with your managers and various departments to outline these factors. Make sure that everyone is on the same page. The conversation should focus on how each goal should be achieved, including the necessary steps and adjustments.

Be Proud of Your WorkFind Your Lane with Duckpin

Be Proud of Your WorkFind Your Lane with Duckpin