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Custom Website Development: Building Your Brand with Cohesive UX and UI Design

October 20, 2021 by Andrew Woods

When the golden era of branding initially began in the 1960s and 1970s as consumers were exposed to advertisements through color printing and the invention of color TV, it was critical to have a bright logo that couldn’t be missed. These bold logos typically incorporated primary color palettes that could easily be seen on billboards while driving in your automobile, in printed newspapers, product packaging at fast-food chains, and television commercials. If you’ve ever wondered why McDonald’s brand identity is centered around its signature red ketchup color palette with a stark yellow M, it’s because their logo was designed in 1962 when bold logos were a refreshing change of pace from black and white advertising that consumers had grown up with.

For companies looking to build their brand, it’s no longer enough to implement responsive logo design as an all-encompassing brand identity in 2021. In this new era of advertising and marketing filled with social media platforms, websites, applications, and more, you should think of responsive logo design as being the bare minimum to build a strong brand identity. Since consumers have more choices than ever before at their fingertips through their smartphones and tablets, it can be more challenging for companies to stand out amongst their competitors through responsive logo design alone. You’ve gotta bring more to the table to eat than just a sharp, future-forward logo as the foundation of your brand identity for consumers. You need custom website development.

The Importance of Custom Website Development

To build a strong brand identity, this is where custom website development comes into play. Custom website development can assist companies in building their unique brand identity through cohesive UX and UI design. If you haven’t heard of UX or UI, it’s formally known as the user experience and interface. User Experience represents everything that contributes to a consumer’s experience with your brand: your website, social media platforms, applications, and the ease in which consumers can interact with each element at play through user interface design. On top of each element being functional, you’ll want them to be aesthetically pleasing to consumers and consistent with your brand identity. This is what makes or breaks a brand in today’s digital age that’s filled with an endless sea of options for consumers to choose from.

Implementing custom website development to build your brand identity can ultimately increase human engagement and leverage your brand experience for your target audience. With custom website development, you can provide an all-encompassing experience with your brand for consumers, which can resonate with them throughout their buyer’s journey: the deliberation stage, transaction process, and in-between their next purchase.

What Industries Can Benefit from Custom Website Development?

All industries can benefit from an overhaul of their current website. Whether your website has outdated SEO practices or you’re looking to create a user-friendly experience that can sit with consumers from the deliberation stage to their next purchase, your company’s online appearance needs to be functional and aesthetically appealing. According to research in Behavior & Information Technology, the average consumer spends approximately 50 milliseconds on a website. That means that you need to make a good impression on consumers from the very beginning if you want to retain users! 

Duckpin is Your Full-Service Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency for Web Development

If you’re looking to build your brand with custom website development, Duckpin is your full-service digital marketing and advertising agency with an in-house team of web developers, designers, and marketers who can build every aspect of your brand from the ground up. We’re located in the heart of Towson, MD, but work with clients on a national scale. Get in touch with us today for your next custom website development project to elevate your brand.

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