Expertise Names Duckpin One of Its Top Branding Agencies in Baltimore

July 2, 2019 by Andrew Woods

Duckpin continues to make a mark in the marketing industry. We recently increased our street cred by being named a Top 16 Branding Agency by Expertise. They’re a website dedicated to curating the best local experts in various industries. We join an elite group of local companies and were chosen for the top 16 from a total of 115 branding professionals who serve the Baltimore area.

Expertise uses a selection process that consists of identifying a broad pool of professionals and organizations. Furthermore, they use custom tools and resources to analyze available data. The criteria includes reputation, credibility, experience, engagement, and professionalism. Selection Criteria Duckpin Blog

We’re proud to be picked as an agency that tallies up high marks in each of those categories. In addition to Expertise, our street cred also includes being a Google Partner and one of UpCity’s Top Local Agencies.

Roll with The BestGet in Touch, Today!

Roll with The BestGet in Touch, Today!