Interview with Zach Inscho of Duckpin | The Approach | Ep. 22

March 29, 2021 by Andrew Woods

The Approach is a video series that dives into a wide range of marketing, design, and web topics.

On this entry of The Approach, we wanted to find out what it means to be a “Roller.” As we venture into 2021, we are looking to grow our team, and we thought it would be great to share what a wonderful culture we have created. Who best to explain than our fellow Rollers.

We welcome Zach Inscho, Web Developer, and one of our longest-tenured Rollers. Zach speaks about the work he gets to do, and how he gets to interact with the client. Zach has experience with larger agencies but has stayed with Duckpin to fulfill his career and always brings a positive attitude and upbeat energy to the team.

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Key Points from This Episode

  • How Zach defines being a Roller: being a team player and taking care of business [0:38]
  • What distinguishes working at Duckpin from other agencies [1:23]
  • Zach’s take on the agency’s culture: an emphasis on building camaraderie [3:30]

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