We’re Thinking About You: Ways to Stay Top of Mind With Marketing Efforts

February 19, 2020 by Andrew Woods

Your identity as a brand, the quality of your products, and your business growth and development all depend on one thing: Relevance. That’s why it’s so important to be the first option your customers think about in often saturated markets. Staying top of mind requires a combination of factors that includes strategic marketing efforts and a distinct culture. 

Let your audience know that you’re thinking about them. Follow this guide to do a thorough audit of your marketing efforts, putting people first. Set the journey that you want your customers to take with your brand and meet them along the way.  

Be Consistent With Your Marketing Efforts

Staying top of mind requires a consistent approach. Like any great relationship, showing up reliably shows customers that they can continue to count on you for high-quality products and services.

Create consistency with a calendar. Choose specific days each week and month when you want to reach out to current and prospective customers or clients. They may correspond with promotional campaigns or even that month’s holiday. Launch an e-newsletter or go low-tech by sending a postcard.  

Be Dedicated With Your Marketing Efforts

Meet your customers, clients, and other business connections where they are. Learn more about the demographics of your target audience. This will help inform the type of content that will resonate with them. Consider creating separate lists for your contacts as an organized way to gear specific content to those different audiences.   

Does your brand have a presence on social media? Engaging your audience on these platforms is a straightforward way to make a genuine connection. It provides the opportunity to offer enhanced service with direct responses to comments and direct messages. Social media also allows the opportunity to create branded posts for specific events, products, and more.  

Be Innovative

A big part of content marketing efforts and staying top of mind is finding a way to break through the noise. In general, consumers are constantly inundated with ads, emails, and sponsored posts. Being innovative will help you stand out and get your client’s attention. Consider building an app for your brand with exclusive features like product announcements, a messaging system, and a way to register for consistent communication. Use contests and other incentives to solicit customer engagement. Also, consider thinking beyond the screen. Schedule a pop-up shop or other events that bring you face to face with your audience.     

Be Authentic

People recognize authenticity. They know when a company is trying to pull their leg or sell them a bridge. Therefore, regardless of your approach, your content should ring of authenticity. Lead with your brand voice and identity. Develop content that aligns with your company culture. Whether it’s humorous, compassionate, or laidback, your company culture will help lead the tone of your content.  

Furthermore, show your authentic self by flexing some expert muscle. Share relevant information and educate your audience so that they become more aware of the current news and updates of your industry. 

Make Lasting ConnectionsRoll with Duckpin

Make Lasting ConnectionsRoll with Duckpin