Marketing for the Micro-Moment

July 25, 2019 by Andrew Woods

Our ability to target micro-moments are bound to grow exponentially as AI and marketing automation continue to grab hold of the marketing landscape. Having the ability to leverage data and target the right customer at the right time will be integral for many brands, both large and small. Though that may seem like a daunting task for smaller companies, your first step into a micro-moment marketing approach can be to encourage your company to adopt a micro-moment mindset.

Speaking of micro-moments….

What is a Micro-Moment in Marketing?

A micro-moment is when a search or potential customer completes an action that shows a high intent to purchase or engage with your business or a similar business. These come in many forms.

Adjacent Micro-moments in Marketing

These are actions taking by a searcher that are not directly related to your business or industry. For example, someone researching for an AirBnB or that travels often might also be in need of a car rental service or be interested in local restaurants, events, or attractions.

Search-Based Micro-moments

Search-based micro-moments are when a searcher is trying to answer a question or solve a problem. One example might be someone searching YouTube to learn how to patch a hole in a wall. It might be advantageous for a hardware store to target people searching for this topic and highlight the products they carry that can help solve the solution.

Life-Changing Micro-Moments

Though life changes are often big to those they affect, they still trigger an abundance of micro-moments. Think of a couple that just got engaged, a family expecting a baby, or a family that is sending a child off to college. There are so many products and services those people will need on those journeys.

Regardless of wether your company is making use of large data sets or just take its first leap into marketing, understanding the concept of micro-moments will be essential as you refine and grow your strategy.

It's time to discover your customer's micro-momentLet's Chat!

It's time to discover your customer's micro-momentLet's Chat!