Social Media Audit Template: Free, Impactful, and Something You Can Do in Your Pajamas

April 29, 2020 by Andrew Woods

Who are your followers?

What type of content do they enjoy? What don’t they like?

Which of your social media profiles is helping your business’s bottom-line the most?

If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions about your business’s social media presence, there’s an easy-to-use tool that’ll help you get answers: a social media audit.

It’s one of the best things you can do for your online presence. Being entirely free, delivering valuable insights, and something you can do without changing out of your pajamas, this tool should become part of your recurring marketing tasks. There is no set frequency for doing an audit, but I would recommend every quarter to six months.

Knowing small businesses are often short on time and need to invest in marketing activities that deliver value fast, we outline why you should conduct a social media audit and its key features. Also, make sure to download our social media audit template for your own audits.

Why is a Social Media Audit Important?

A social media audit is a process of evaluating your social media profiles’ successes, failures, and opportunities for improvement.

It helps your business in the following ways:

  • Determine how consistent your branding (profile images, banners, profile bios, etc.) is across your social media profiles
  • Identify what content does and doesn’t resonate well with your customers
  • Gain a better understanding of who your followers are and how they want to engage with you
  • Set concrete goals and KPIs to measure success and areas for improvement
  • Discover imposter or outdated accounts to take down

What You’ll Need to Do It

  • A list of all your social media profiles and access to their analytics
  • A place to record your findings, such as the social media audit template below that we’ve created
  • 1-2 hours of focus time
  • A comfortable work set-up

Ready to get working on your social media audit? Download our social media audit template below.

Download Our Audit Template

Click Here to start using the template in Google Sheets

Download Our Audit Template

Click Here to start using the template in Google Sheets