The Story Behind Duckpin | The Approach | Ep. 2

April 16, 2020 by Andrew Woods

The Approach is a video series that dives into a wide range of marketing, design, and web topics.

Every business has an origin story.

This narrative comes to life through the company’s branding and marketing, which helps to build relationships with both customers and staff.

In Episode 2 of The Approach, Sean sits down with Duckpin Co-Founder, Cara Bonadio, to discuss Duckpin’s origin story and how the agency has evolved from its first client to where they are today.

Key Points from This Episode

  • Duckpin’s origin story [0:55]
  • Mutual respect: the key to how Duckpin’s partners work together and grew the agency [2:32]
  • How Duckpin’s core values evolved as new clients came on board [4:36]

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Author Your Own Brand StoryGet in Touch with Duckpin

Author Your Own Brand StoryGet in Touch with Duckpin