Interview with Tia Viglianco of Via Consulting | The Approach | Ep. 11

July 30, 2020 by Andrew Woods

The Approach is a video series that dives into a wide range of marketing, design, and web topics.

On this entry of The Approach, we are speaking with Tia Viglianco, an e-commerce consultant, of whom we share specific clients, most notably MaddaFella. Tia has been in digital for quite some time and touches upon some of the changes she has experienced. Tia is currently leveraging her customers as affiliates, which is yielding great results.

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Key Points from This Episode

  • From USA Today to AOL to independent consultant: Tia’s professional journey [0:58]
  • Turning customers into affiliates through incentives, such as cash-back, flat fees, and more [3:17]
  • What’s next for this strategy? [8:44]

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