When Titans Clash: Apple iOS 14’s Implications for Facebook Ads

April 27, 2021by Andrew Woods

Apple iOs 14's

The digital landscape is about to undergo a potentially seismic shift with regards to personal data sharing and how online advertisers get to use that information. The source of these changes? A clash between tech giants Apple, Facebook, and Google; the first two's battle over data privacy and usage will…

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#ShopSmall: SMB Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

November 19, 2020by Andrew Woods

smb marketing tips

If you've been into a store lately, you've likely already been bombarded with marketing related to the upcoming winter holiday season. This may leave you thinking, "What is going on? Every year the holiday season promotions keep getting earlier!" Even being a marketer, I can empathize with your feelings, and…

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Content Marketing

What is Customer Engagement and Why It’s Important

September 25, 2019by Andrew Woods

what is customer engagement

Between your favorite social media platforms and the Google machine, internet surfers are inundated with content marketing. This makes it much more difficult for brands to stand out and make an impact. The challenge is for marketers to create content that reaches their target demographic and keeps them engaged. Having…

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Social Media

Spring into Social: Ways to Drive Brand Advocacy

May 3, 2019by Andrew Woods

How to Leverage Brand Advocates Duckpin

What is Brand Advocacy and Who is a "Brand Advocate?" The term "brand advocate" gets used a lot in marketing circles, but what does it truly mean? Simply put, a brand advocate is anyone who supports your company’s growth. Through their brand advocacy as a loyal customer or employee, they…

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6 Ways Social Media Can Help Your Business Grow in 2019

January 9, 2019by Andrew Woods

6 Ways Social Media Can Help Businesses Grow

What if I told you there is a tool that is free, customizable, offers unparalleled customer data, and can help grow your business? In case you didn't guess it already, I'm referring to social media. From my time spent supporting a variety of clients' social presences, I have found that there…

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