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The Frame

Strivers is the boutique where you’ll find the fashion that fits your style and the gear that enhances your performance. The St. James has positioned itself as the location where you work hard, play hard, eat well and find your fit. Strivers features a collection of premium brands in a sleek store layout. Lifestyle and performance apparel and gear that has been curated to gratify every individual. This is where savvy patrons will find the latest.

The Strike

Branding for Strivers is about setting the tone for an atmosphere that feels exclusive and elegant. We designed a lookbook that serves as a guide for the Strivers shopping experience. Pairing the right shoe with the perfect pair of joggers. Styling accessories with complementary tech gear. The logo, lookbook and branding are geared toward a retail environment that introduces shoppers to the greater story of The St. James.

Project Services

  • Brand Naming
  • Branding
  • Print Design
  • Print Production
  • Project Management
  • Sales Material Design
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