Getting the Most Out of Your Nextdoor Business Page

July 21, 2020 by Andrew Woods

Locally-focused platform Nextdoor recently upped the anty with a new feature announcement aimed at helping Nextdoor business page owners. As of mid-June 2020, business profiles would have the ability to create two free posts per month. If you are unfamiliar with this company, it describes itself as a “local hub to connect and share with the neighborhood.” Contrasting with the Big Two of local search, Google and Yelp, this company seeks to bring digital conversations back to the hyper-local level and limits profiles to residents, business owners, and local government agencies.

duckpin's nextdoor business page

In light of this new feature’s debut and knowing local businesses are seeking out free marketing resources, we pulled together a guide to setting up your Nextdoor business page. We also list out tips for getting the most ROI from your profile.

How to Set Up a Nextdoor Business Profile

Step 1:

Search for an existing profile on the platform; if it exists, you will need to verify ownership via a text message or automated phone call that shares a verification code.

Step 2:

If you are starting a new profile, you will need to enter your contact details and follow the verification process in Step 1.

Step 3:

Once you have verified the ownership of your profile, complete all fields: website, phone number, profile image, profile banner, additional photos related to your business, description of the company, categories, hours of operation.

Note: Ensure the photography that you use is properly sized and high-quality. You want to put your best face forward to people in the community.

How to Use Your Nextdoor Business Page to Engage Customers

After you set-up your Nextdoor business page, it is time to get the word out that your company is present on the platform and encourage customers to leave reviews and engage regularly. Here are some free and well-tested methods of doing this:

Share on Your Social Media and Website

Share that you are now on Nextdoor via social media, your email newsletter, in-store, and elsewhere to encourage customers to leave reviews. Reviews, in particular, will contribute to better rankings in the platform’s results pages for your industry.

Create a Local Deal to Attract Interest

Nextdoor offers a paid advertising feature called “Local Deals,” which are meant to encourage people to use or buy from businesses. Typically, these take the form of a discount or a sales promotion and average $75 per Local Deal.

sample nextdoor business local deal

Host a Local Event

When possible and appropriate, host an in-person or virtual event for your neighbors. For example, if you are an appliance repair company, you could host a live stream workshop focused on simple, DIY repairs a homeowner could do.

Get Curious

Proactively ask questions of your customers to get their feedback on your business and learn about their needs.

Publish Fresh Content

Share your blog articles via updates on your profile to drive organic traffic to your website and spark engagement. Alternatively, Nextdoor business pages can create longer-form articles natively.

Be Responsive

Engagement on Nextdoor is a two-way conversation. Monitor user comments and direct messages on the platform and if you’re mentioned, respond accordingly.

Get Hyper-Local with Your SEOGet in Touch with Duckpin

Get Hyper-Local with Your SEOGet in Touch with Duckpin