Is Your Website Too Slow for 2019

February 15, 2019by Andrew Woods

Website Speed 2019

As technology has progressed forward it has continually found a way to get smaller, faster, and weave itself deeper into all aspects of our daily lives. Just think about it. 60 years ago computers would take up an entire room and didn’t have much power at all. In 2019 most…

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The Five Love Languages of Digital Marketing

February 13, 2019by Kandice Wilson

Love Languages of Digital Marketing

February is for lovers — of digital marketing. If you’re familiar with Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages, then you know it’s an assessment of the way individuals experience and express love. There’s words of affirmation, receiving gifts, quality time, physical touch, and acts of service. When applied to relationships,…

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Showing Your Brand Some Love: 3 Steps for Brand Consistency

February 12, 2019by Andrew Clark

Showing Your Brand Some Love Duckpin

With Valentine's Day coming and romantic gestures being shown, why not show your brand some love? For many business owners, the topic of "branding" is often emotionally charged and bypassed at sometimes detrimental costs. I mean, I get it. A brand identity may be seen as an extension of your…

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Serving Baltimore’s Homeless with Heart’s Place Services

February 4, 2019by Andrew Clark

Giving Back: Preparing Meals for Baltimore's Homeless

As someone who grew up serving his community, be it through Scouts or elsewhere, seeking out opportunities to give back to my new home has been important to me. Thankfully Duckpin encourages employees to volunteer via its Volunteer Time Off (VTO), which is pretty awesome and progressive. Each year Rollers…

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SEO Ranking Factors – 2019 Edition

January 17, 2019by Kandice Wilson

Search Engine Results Page

You’re listening to a podcast and the host mentions a meditation technique you’re not familiar with. You’re listening to a mix on Spotify and you can’t remember the year Salt-N-Pepa released “Whatta Man.” Where is the closest Chipotle? Chances are, those queries will be counted in the 40,000 searches that…

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Google Ads

2019 Resolutions for Your Google Ads Account

January 15, 2019by Andrew Clark

2019 Google Ads Resolutions Featured Image

With 2019 only a few weeks old and the post-holiday haze gone, now is a great time to analyze how your paid digital marketing efforts, specifically Google Ads, have performed and how to improve them. As a quick refresher here's Google's summary of its Ads platform: Google Ads (formerly Google…

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