The Rollers’ Guide to Baltimore Area Shopping for the Holidays

November 21, 2019by Andrew Woods

Baltimore Holiday Shopping Guide from Duckpin

With the holidays coming up in a few weeks and being passionate Baltimorons, the other Rollers and I pulled together a list of our favorite local retailers. From old school Polish butchers to chic home good stores, our picks span a variety of interests and geographic locations in Baltimore City…

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#SupportLocal: Small Business Saturday Tips

November 8, 2019by Andrew Clark

Small Business Saturday Tips from Duckpin

It's only a week after Halloween, and you've likely already been bombarded with marketing related to the upcoming winter holiday season. This may leave you thinking, "What is going on? Every year the holiday season promotions keep getting earlier!" Even being a marketer, I can empathize with your feelings, and…

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Maryn’s VTO: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

November 5, 2019by Maryn Jacobs

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

A cause near and dear to my heart is animal welfare. It's in my blood as my family has been a huge philanthropic supporter of animal-related causes for decades. Almost 35 years ago, my mother and aunt began donating to a new, and very small organization called Best Friends Animal…

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How Our Designers Find Inspiration

October 29, 2019by Kandice Wilson

graphic design inspiration

It’s more than just color theory and a selection of symbols. Graphic design is the art of sending messages through visual communication. Brand marketers and content strategists use it to solve problems, answer questions, and elevate the user experience. It’s the combination of multiple disciplines, including typography, layout design, and…

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Finding a Balance: How Rollers Do Self-Care

October 10, 2019by Andrew Clark

World Mental Health Day 2019 Post Duckpin

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day 2019, an event organized annually by the World Federation for Mental Health, we spoke with our Rollers about the different challenges that come with agency life. This industry notoriously features long hours, the pressure to deliver on tight deadlines, and the expectation…

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