Structured Data – What It Is and Why You Need It On Your Website

July 8, 2022by Matt Culloty

What is Structured Data or Schema Markup

Many subjects in digital marketing can be less than clear for businesses that need digital marketing - SEO, CRO and so forth. Structured data is one of those. TL;DR - Structured data helps search engines understand content better - Google turns them into the Rich Snippets seen under search results.…

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Client Spotlights

Client Introduction: Elegant Restoration

May 26, 2022by Andrew Woods

elegant restoration

As part of Duckpin’s acquisition of Prositely, we’re pleased to introduce one of our newest clients, Elegant Restoration. Elegant Restoration provides emergency restoration, cleanup services, and expert restoration for commercial and residential clients. You can depend on Elegant Restoration for water damage services, fire damage restoration, storm cleanup and repair,…

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Client Spotlights

Client Introduction: Heart to Beat

May 23, 2022by Andrew Woods


As part of Duckpin’s acquisition of Prositely, we’re pleased to introduce one of our newest clients, Heart to Beat. Heart to Beat provides safety training, equipment management, and consulting services for organizations that need a proactive approach to safety. As an entrusted safety partner for businesses throughout the United States, you…

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Welcome a New Roller, Matt Culloty

May 20, 2022by Andrew Woods

We're welcoming a new Roller to the Duckpin team! Matt Culloty is working with Duckpin as our Business Development Lead. As a former Web Designer and Developer turned Business Development Lead, he's well-versed in the agency world. In 2016, Matt started his own agency that was acquired by Duckpin in…

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Facebook Ads

How to Build Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns

April 29, 2022by Phoebe Cochran

facebook ad

While it's always important to partner with an advertising agency that can carefully curate your brand's image and voice, you'll also want to understand what goes into building successful Facebook ad campaigns. In doing so, you can utilize Facebook's advertising platform to maximize your marketing efforts.  If you've ever found…

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