If branding were a part of a house, it would be the foundation. When a prospective client approaches a branding agency for a branding project, they are usually unaware of just how integral branding will be to their company’s success or failure. The process of creating a brand is more than just a logo; it’s a combination of colors, fonts, imagery, and more working together to tell the story of your company.

We’re often told to not judge a book by its cover, but it’s an unfortunate truth that people often do. All the more reason branding should not be taken lightly. Quality branding should make your company stand out from your competition, but it should also build consumer trust. Successful companies stay true to who they are and the manner in which they present themselves.

Think about an ad campaign from one of today’s most successful brands. Most are immediately recognizable within seconds without any mention of the company’s name. This is due to strong brand consistency. By presenting their brand in a consistent manner across all media platforms, the company creates an expectation of what their brand delivers. Regardless of the delivery method, they are able to communicate what it means to own one of their products and in turn build a relationship with their customer. Like an old friend, you can identify them without much information at all.

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