Print Design

A Visceral Experience

When hiring a company for graphic design services, it’s important to know they are treating your print design project as more than just another design project. The digital age has added new authority to print, and it remains a powerful medium through which to tell a story. Not only do you have control over the tangible aspects of a project, but you also have more control over the audience. From how a piece is sent out, to what group of customers or patrons gain access; a well thought out print campaign has endless possibilities.

Unlike its digital counterpart, print design requires a designer to not only consider the visual aspects of the project, but also the senses of touch and smell. Grab the nearest book from the shelf and compare the feel of its paper to that of the paper in your printer. It’s most likely a little heavier and grittier than your standard white sheet of paper. I’m sure you’ve heard a bibliophile or two rave about that fresh “new book smell” upon returning from the book store. A well-designed print piece not only captures your eye, but creates a mood that is able to convey a wide range of emotions: Status, nostalgia, creativity. It’s undeniable, print is here to stay.

When we begin print design projects at Duckpin Design, we consider every way a print piece may be used. We allow the medium to guide our design process to create a memorable and brand-focused experience for your customer.

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