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Think about the apps that you use on a regular basis. Perhaps you use Google Maps or Waze on your daily commute, a banking app to manage your finances, a fitness app to track your steps or workout. Is there something all of these apps have in common? Odds are the navigation is thumb-friendly, the app doesn’t drain your battery, the user interface is intuitive and you can accomplish what you need in an efficient manner. To put it simply, a good app is one that does not give the user a headache. If you’re in the process of turning your app concept into a reality, you should work with a mobile app development company that specializes in curating a positive user experience.

There are some unique elements to mobile apps that differentiate them from traditional websites. For one, a mobile app is a refined experience that balances expected behavior on both Android and iOS devices while applying a specific brand experience. When a user is on your app, they should associate the experience with your brand in a way that feels familiar. If an app is consistent with the rest of a company’s branding, users are more likely to use an app regularly.

Notifications and drip content are other factors that can drastically improve a user’s experience and make a mobile app stand out from its competitors. Some apps inform users when a new video or track is available from an account they follow. News apps will send alerts for breaking news, and curate those alerts to the user’s preferences. And many apps make use of friendly reminders that help keep a user engaged.

At Duckpin Design, we’ve been fortunate enough to help refine mobile app interfaces for several companies, including one of our most recent clients, Fugue. Check out the Fugue case study, or if you’re ready to get started, feel free to reach out to talk to us about your project.

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