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7 seconds.

That’s all the time your product has to make an impression on a passing customer. The aisles of the grocery store can be a hostile environment. Once your product hits the shelves, you’re in the trenches, competing in real-time with dozens of other products. As cliché as it might sound – only the strong survive.

Think about the last time you walked into a store, knowing you were going to purchase your favorite beer or protein bar, but walked out with a brand new product you’ve never heard of. What was it that convinced you to give that new product a shot? The packaging. Something about it spoke to you or conveyed a message that made you believe it was worth it to pass up a personal favorite and take a risk on a complete stranger. To put it simply, packaging matters.

Packaging Design Companies

When searching for packaging design companies to work with, it’s important to go with a team that understands every step of the process. A lot has to be considered. Are the packaging materials food safe? How does the product fit into its shipping container or display box? How does the package container affect the shape and design of the label? How will the product be merchandised and how can it stand out from its competition? As your company grows, is your packaging designed to scale with you?

Why go with Duckpin Design? We’re battle-tested in the world of packaging design. We’ve worked directly with startup companies like CharmedBar and Javazen (Javazen Case Study), that began as an idea in someone’s kitchen, and helped them design packaging that now sits on shelves across the nation. We’re also a preferred vendor of Maryland Packaging, a co-packing company that works with food entrepreneurs, guiding them from the incubator kitchen, all the way to the shelf.

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