The Top Components of Every Solid Brand

August 23, 2018 by Andrew Woods

The Top Components of Every Solid Brand

The formula for successful marketing has been established and continuously revised since long before McDonald’s first raised those golden arches or Folgers convinced you that they were the “best part of waking up.” Developing a solid brand that will establish your business as a mainstay in the industry is essential for growth and lasting success. Read on for more insight into the top components shared by every solid brand.

Tell Your Story

It’s likely that your vision for your business was born either from a personal passion or your desire to fill a need that you found to be missing in the industry. Regardless of your motivation, that story should be part of your brand. The well-known example of Angie Hicks creating her home services website Angie’s List from her search for a construction contractor became a central component of her brand and marketing efforts. Be specific about your motivations so that your brand will become more than just a name attached to a product or service. The story will give your brand dimension and the unique context that will set it a part from your competition. When you make your WHY a central part of your brand, it will become your target audience’s WHY for choosing you over other options.

Create an Experience

A solid brand doesn’t skip the details. It pays close attention to the logo, spacing in your business name, the colors that you choose to represent your brand, the imagery, and even the font choices. This package of elements will create the brand experience that connects your target audience and market to your business, and is often informed by your story and distinctive identity. You’ll use these elements for all your promotional materials, including the website, brochures, mailers, employee uniforms, and other types of signage and packaging. Working with a design firm that specializes in branding, packaging design, and digital marketing will ensure that the quality of these essential branding elements are on a level that can appropriately compete with the rest of the industry.

Establish Consistency

Solid brands deliver consistency. Not only because it’s what customers expect but because you’ll benefit from the visibility and positioning. When you think of the top brands in any specific industry, their slogans, logos, and colors are synonymous with what they do. You’ll never get a package from UPS from a driver in a black uniform and you’ll never see an article of Nike clothing without it’s signature swoosh. Every solid brand is recognizable and the best can be identified just by their logo or colors. That comes from consistency.

For businesses seeking guidance and expertise for establishing a consistent and solid brand, contact the Rollers at Duckpin.

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