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#WorkingDads: The Dads of Duckpin | The Approach | Ep. 24

June 14, 2021by Andrew Woods

father's day approach blog graphic

With Father's Day approaching, we spoke with the Dad-Rollers of Duckpin for a special edition of The Approach. We also asked them some additional questions that informed the infographic below. Happy Father’s Day to all - from all of us here at Duckpin.

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SEO and Public Relations: A Relationship Necessary for Great Marketing

May 19, 2021by Andrew Woods

public relations and SEO

When you envision a perfect combination, I'd guess that search engine optimization (SEO) and public relations (PR) might not seem like an obvious one. These two disciplines fall under the umbrella of marketing. Yes, they differ in their tactics and many respective practitioners likely feel there is little overlap, but…

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Law Firm Web Design: Tips, Best Practices, And Inspiration [2021]

March 17, 2021by Andrew Woods

law firm web design

A law firm’s website should not be designed like any other website. There are best practices and strategies that can turn a law website from just another website into a case-generating machine. By empowering your website with the techniques below, you can turn your site into an invaluable asset and…

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Branding Mistakes That Can Haunt You

October 29, 2020by Andrew Woods

branding mistakes

As we near the year's most frightening holiday, Halloween, we thought it was the right time to focus on something scarier than any grotesque monster stalking the night: branding mistakes that come to haunt businesses. To help identify them and ways to avoid their consequences, we consulted with some of…

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Getting the Most Out of Your Nextdoor Business Page

July 21, 2020by Andrew Woods

nextdoor business page

Locally-focused platform Nextdoor recently upped the anty with a new feature announcement aimed at helping Nextdoor business page owners. As of mid-June 2020, business profiles would have the ability to create two free posts per month. If you are unfamiliar with this company, it describes itself as a "local hub…

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Content Refresh: How to Prevent Blog Post Decay & Drive Organic Traffic

May 28, 2020by Andrew Woods

google analytics sessions screenshot

You did your keyword research, wrote an in-depth blog post, and took it live. It ranked on Google for multiple terms; your social media followers loved it, your newsletter subscribers did too! That was the first 4-months post-launch. But now it’s month 7, and your once spiking-with-traffic blog post now…

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