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My Christmas List (for Shopify)

December 20, 2017 by Andrew Woods

Dear Shopify Santa,

First things first, I’d like to give credit where credit is due. The team here at Duckpin really digs your e-commerce platform. The security, the intuitive admin dashboard, a growing list of sales channels, top-notch integrations, and great stuff for our developers like Slate and the most useful image url filter setup on the web! The Shopify platform gives us the ability to deliver exceptional e-commerce experiences for our customers.

Now I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but there are some features I’d love to have, and what better time to ask than the holiday season?

More Flexibility with Discount Codes

Within the Shopify dashboard, it would be great to have the flexibility to:

  • Exclude a product, products, or a collection from a discount code, without needing to build a collection of everything but those items.
  • Automatically exclude sale items from discount codes site-wide with a single setting.
  • Throw in a free product once certain purchase requirements are met.
  • BOGO deals on specific products or products within specific collections.

We can utilize third-party applications to make many of these things happen, but they make a mess of our carefully-written theme code and organized product variants. We’re confident a native Shopify solution would be as great as the rest of your platform.

A Real Staging Environment

We’d love to be able to quickly clone an entire site and it’s data into an isolated staging environment and really dig deep into making large changes to the store’s data. We’d like to overhaul content organization and try out different page templates (without modifying the url), all without any worry of live site consequences! Even better, we could avoid the mess of sharing customized urls with our customers that include preview theme IDs and template names.

Sure, we can setup temporary stores in our partner portal and move store data, but we know you can make it easier for us!

More CMS Flexibility

While our team uses Shopify exclusively for e-commerce, the go-to CMS for other custom websites is WordPress. It can be frustrating to switch over to Shopify and spend a day trying to rig up a solution for client content management that would be simple with WordPress. Check out CMB2 for custom field inspiration – some of those features would be a very welcome improvement!

And if I may, just a few more things…

  • Real time shipping capabilities on all accounts
  • Cleaner management of a high volume of 301 redirects
  • Ability to set “noindex” on a page, post, product, or collection without the use of hidden meta or tags
  • Custom post types, without using the blog as a workaround
  • More flexibility with the url structure
  • True support for multiple currencies

So, what do you say Shopify Santa? Can you make these holiday wishes come true?

Looking to use Shopify?It's Time To Set Your E-Commerce Dreams In Motion!

Looking to use Shopify?It's Time To Set Your E-Commerce Dreams In Motion!