What If the Sky Was the Limit…

December 6, 2017 by Maryn Jacobs

What would you do if the sky was the limit? We wanted to find out among our Rollers. Therefore, I challenged my coworkers to dig deep and discover what skill they would love to learn no matter if innate talent or a doctorate degree were a requirement. I was impressed and amused by everyone’s choices…so much so that I was inspired to illustrate each of them in their apropos environment. Who knows? Maybe it’s enough to inspire them to follow through.

What we found out is that each one of us is a rockstar… a worldly linguist… an archaeologist… an astronaut… a fighter… and a permaculturist.

Does that answer your question?

Sincerely yours,
The Duckpin Rollers

Sky was the limit


I’d love to say I want to learn how to travel through time and space, but let’s be realistic here. So I’ll take the next most amazing thing that I can think of, and that would be learning to play the 5 minute guitar solo of Lynyrd Skynryd’s “Free Bird”. Please keep in mind that I have no idea how to play six string guitar, and I have about 4 months of bass lessons under my belt. But to me it would be incredible to wake up one morning and have the magical power to be able to just shred those five minutes of musical awesomeness.

Sky was the limit


I’d like to learn to be an archaeologist. I think it would be pretty awesome to travel the world following clues to an ancient mystery, and then have the opportunity to dig in the dirt to unearth pieces of a long lost culture. Plus, a cool hat and killer whip skills come with, right?

Sky was the limit


I want to learn another language well enough that it doesn’t feel like a challenge to speak it. I’ve tried to pick up other languages before, and always drop the effort after a little while. To me, it’s the elusive challenge that’s nagging me to complete.

Sky was the limit


When I was a kid, I always thought it would be cool to be an astronaut. Around the age of 7, space began to fascinate me. I knew how many moons each planet had, how long it took light to travel from the sun to the earth (14 minutes!). All of this made me really want to go into space. I still think that would be pretty awesome. So despite my lack of scientific and mathematic skills, becoming an astronaut would be out of this world (sorry…puns) awesome to me.

Sky was the limit


Ever since I was a kid I wanted to learn some form of martial arts or form of fighting. Maybe it was the product of never being allowed to control the TV as a youngin’ and being forced to watch wrestling, “Knight Rider” and “Rocky”. When I was around 8, I thought about doing karate and my best friend informed me that they drop medicine balls on your stomach…so off to gymnastics I went. Then throughout the years it developed into an obsession with TaeBo (Billy Blanks rocks!) and a dream career as a Charlie’s Angel. Good luck finding that job opening on back in 2003. I went so far as to apply to a graphic design position at the FBI where I assumed they would notice my potential, naturally, and immediately promote me to Special Agent…no dice. So yeah, being able to kick butt and take names would be amazing. The discipline, the skill and the all around badassedness of it has always been a dream.

Sky was the limit


I want to learn more about permaculture and no waste gardening. The idea is that every waste product gets repurposed as inputs to benefit something else in the system. I have grown tomatoes, and tended to my herb garden before, but I have never had the space or dedication to have a real permaculture garden. There is a lot of science and precision that goes into making the most healthy and best possible tasting food, and I would like to learn the intricacies of it all. There are even some organizations that are now taking the idea of ‘no waste circular economies’ and bringing it indoors, so it can be utilized in urban areas. ( The potential of these systems is enormous, and it would be a really cool to know how it works and be a part of it.