Under Armour Footwear Tech Guide

It was in these books, that the rubber met the road — literally.

Client Needs

When we began working with Under Armour, they were in the process of showcasing new running shoe technology, and needed visual marketing materials to aid their sales team. This was Under Armour’s first foray into the tech running niche, so it was important for them to establish the strength of the technology they were bringing to market.

Our Solution

From the beginning, there was no doubt we would need to showcase the well-established aesthetic of the Under Armour brand, while highlighting the unique tech they had developed for the run category. We met with the creative and development teams at Under Armour to discuss how the technology could be communicated in a clear, eye-catching and concise way to aid the sales team in presenting their product.

Development of the product was still underway, so we used artist renderings and CAD drawings as reference. Since the shape and function of a running shoe is very similar to a car—traction on the tires, aerodynamic corners, etc.—we studied car photography as our inspiration as we began concepting. We also designed inspiration boards to determine an appropriate feel for the project, and to help relay our ideas to the in-house photography team.

Project Results

Since their running shoe launch, Under Armour has gained solid traction in the market, and in the Spring of 2014, won Best Debut from Runner’s World for the first generation of the SpeedForm® Apollo running shoe.

Project Services

  • Design Concepting
  • Print Design
  • Project Management
  • Sales Material Design

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