Environmental Graphic Design

Environmental Graphic Design is a multidisciplinary approach to branding that includes large-scale art and design. It turns walls, floors, and fixtures into opportunities to display those memorable components of your brand that make you an industry stand out. It also includes stand-alone pieces like signage and other promotional materials. The blending of architecture, interior design, landscape, and industrial design gives way to an outcome that answers many marketing questions.

The customer experience is a full sensory encounter. Whether you provide a product or service, the story of your brand is essential to building customer relationships and loyalty. We use environmental graphics to immerse your customers in the world of your business, creating a branded environment. They incorporate the physical characteristics of your business with the environment and use them as platforms on which to display your logo, name, and slogans.

Environmental Graphic Design isn’t just about branding; it’s also used as a tool that links the community to your business. Supergraphics attract the eye and are incredibly functional in transforming a space. Placemaking design creates an opportunity for engagement and wayfinding is informational and provides guidance. It can also act as an organic opportunity for social interactions and sharing when your customers take photos that include your supergraphics.

Businesses who roll with us are partnering with an agency that prioritizes your brand story. Working from that philosophy, we use environmental graphic design to broaden your impact. Our work for The St. James and its sub-brands created an unmistakable presence. Our storefront design for The Music Space makes them a standout among a popular neighborhood.

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