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5 Questions to Ask a Web Designer Before Starting a Project

June 29, 2020 by Andrew Woods

Working with a web designer, like any other relationship, is about investing time and energy into making it a mutually beneficial one. In the article below, I consulted with Duckpin’s Web Services team and asked them, “What questions should a potential client ask a web designer before starting a project?” This list is a starting point for an ongoing dialogue between a business owner and a web designer throughout a project. Additionally, through sharing this perspective, we hope that readers will be able to avoid common web project issues.

Questions to Ask Your Web Designer

What is your availability for responding to specific questions and concerns throughout the project’s life cycle?

Derek H., Director of Web Services: For my clients, I work with them to set up a feedback schedule or consider regular check-ins. Checking in at certain intervals is an easy way to reduce client frustration or the feeling that concerns are going unheard while keeping the site’s current production on schedule.

How familiar are you with my industry? How would you ensure my key messages are effectively conveyed via web design?

Grant B., Frontend Web Developer: It’s an easy point to miss, especially if you’re eager to get started on a project. Take time early on to gauge your web designer’s knowledge about your specific niche.

Also, make sure to brief them on any special technical needs you might require. This activity will help spare both parties from a skills mismatch and potentially wasting money.

What is your content plan for my site? How do you approach site content generally?

Derek H., Director of Web Services: Nothing can derail a project like content needs that go undiscovered until right before launch. Ensure you or your web designer has a plan for every page or piece of content on the site; no one wants to launch a site with hidden ‘lorem ipsum.’

Can you provide a detailed plan for my web design project?

Ryan D., Web Developer: Process efficiency and organization are significant parts of successful execution. Effort is needed on both sides to make it smooth and avoid issues in the future.

What value can I expect to obtain from my new or upgraded website from a web designer?

Andrew W., CEO and Former Web Developer: Potential partners that focus purely on cost and timeline questions rather than business goals are a red flag for fit. Instead, ask your web designer questions that’ll illuminate how their services will help you achieve your aspirations. Examples include:

    • Can we collect other contact information from them when they submit a website form?
    • Is there a way to show these resources to logged-in visitors only?
    • How can we encourage visitors to sign up for our webinars?
    • What’s the best way to store this data?

If a web designer’s responses match what you’re looking for, that’s great. If not, you’ve spared yourself time and budget.

Seeking Out a Web Designer Partner?Get in Touch with Us.

Seeking Out a Web Designer Partner?Get in Touch with Us.