Structured Data – What It Is and Why You Need It On Your Website

July 8, 2022by Matt Culloty

What is Structured Data or Schema Markup

Many subjects in digital marketing can be less than clear for businesses that need digital marketing - SEO, CRO and so forth. Structured data is one of those. TL;DR - Structured data helps search engines understand content better - Google turns them into the Rich Snippets seen under search results.…

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3 Signs Your Brand Needs Professional SEO Services

November 15, 2021by Andrew Woods

professional SEO services

Fun fact: there’s more to owning a business than implementing marketing strategies and hustling a solid brand. If you’ve found that your website is getting slow traffic no matter how many social media posts you’ve sent out and ads you’ve paid for, there might be a logical reason behind it:…

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Content Marketing

SEO and Public Relations: A Relationship Necessary for Great Marketing

May 19, 2021by Andrew Woods

public relations and SEO

When you envision a perfect combination, I'd guess that search engine optimization (SEO) and public relations (PR) might not seem like an obvious one. These two disciplines fall under the umbrella of marketing. Yes, they differ in their tactics and many respective practitioners likely feel there is little overlap, but…

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Content Marketing

Law Firm Web Design: Tips, Best Practices, And Inspiration [2021]

March 17, 2021by Andrew Woods

law firm web design

A law firm’s website should not be designed like any other website. There are best practices and strategies that can turn a law website from just another website into a case-generating machine. By empowering your website with the techniques below, you can turn your site into an invaluable asset and…

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Awareness Campaign Best Practices for Non-Profits (2021)

December 29, 2020by Andrew Woods

best practices for non-profits

Raising awareness around a cause and soliciting donations, be it monetarily or in-kind, in the best of times is a challenge for non-profits. Add into the mix a global pandemic, restrictions around in-person gatherings, and financial hardships, and these organizations face even greater obstacles. This situation can appear insurmountable and…

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