Content Marketing

Law Firm Web Design: Tips, Best Practices, And Inspiration [2021]

March 17, 2021by Andrew Woods

law firm web design

A law firm’s website should not be designed like any other website. There are best practices and strategies that can turn a law website from just another website into a case-generating machine. By empowering your website with the techniques below, you can turn your site into an invaluable asset and…

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Awareness Campaign Best Practices for Non-Profits (2021)

December 29, 2020by Andrew Woods

best practices for non-profits

Raising awareness around a cause and soliciting donations, be it monetarily or in-kind, in the best of times is a challenge for non-profits. Add into the mix a global pandemic, restrictions around in-person gatherings, and financial hardships, and these organizations face even greater obstacles. This situation can appear insurmountable and…

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Web Development

5 Questions to Ask a Web Designer Before Starting a Project

June 29, 2020by Andrew Woods

web designer

Working with a web designer, like any other relationship, is about investing time and energy into making it a mutually beneficial one. In the article below, I consulted with Duckpin's Web Services team and asked them, "What questions should a potential client ask a web designer before starting a project?"…

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Duckpin Named One of Top 50 Web Design Agencies

May 20, 2020by Andrew Woods

Agency Spotter top web design agency 2020 badge

Our Rollers received some great news from Agency Spotter: Duckpin has been named one of the top 50 web design agencies globally by the digital services review site. Let's put things into context and explain why this is significant. The site's "top web design agencies quarterly report evaluates almost 1,400…

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Web Development

5 Web Development Best Practices for 2020

November 25, 2019by Andrew Woods

web development best practices

The web in 2020 will be an exciting place, but there are more pitfalls than ever. These best practices are just a few examples of a better way to navigate being one of the few who get through it. Time spent improving and future-proofing your workflow to include best practices…

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Duckpin Named One of Top 20 Web Design Agencies

September 18, 2019by Andrew Woods

Agency Spotter Top Web Design Agency Badge Duckpin

This morning our Rollers received an early birthday gift (our 6th anniversary is next month) from Agency Spotter: Duckpin has been named one of the top 20 web designs globally by the digital services review site. How big of a deal is this? Well, according to Agency Spotter, its quarterly…

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