The Lusby Group Branding

A logo you'll never forget.

Client Needs

The Lusby Group, headed by Jason Lusby, is a Maryland-based realty company with a focus in both commercial and residential real estate sales and leases. Since their inception, they have seen their business and team grow, allowing them to expand their service area, increase product offerings and even outgrow their current office space. With a focus on growth, expansion and scalability, the Lusby Group wanted to re-brand itself. The first step was to create a bold new logo that was classic and memorable.

Our Solution

The Lusby team provided a wealth of information to convey their vision for the brand. Along with their preferences for color and style, they shared one very specific request—an elephant. They wanted something iconic that reflected their core values and would be quickly recognizable when driving by a Lusby Group listing. While the significance of the elephant is abundant, some key points were: they are a symbol of longevity, wisdom, fortitude and power. They are whimsical and endearing, yet they command respect.

Project Results

We created a logo that embodies the spirit of the Lusby Group with bold color, typography and, of course, an elephant.

Project Services

  • Branding
  • Digital Illustration

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