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Track your pup’s biometrics with this innovative piece of wearable technology. Waggit is a smart collar and app that allow you to keep an eye on your dog’s location, health, level of activity, training and nutrition. The founders are dog people who wanted to create a brand that reflects their love for animals and their care for the environment.

The Strike

Packaging design for Waggit was centered on the desire to create a container for the smart collar that aligned with the company aesthetic while being environmentally friendly and cost-efficient for shipping. We created packaging that checked these boxes and acts as the ideal representation of Waggit’s values. Since its initial Kickstarter campaign, Waggit has been featured in various tech-related and business publications, including Entrepreneur, techcrunch.com, gadgetsandwearables.com, gearjunkie.com and SELF magazine.

Project Services

  • Digital Product Renderings
  • Packaging Design
  • Premium Printing
  • Print Production
  • Project Management
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