Javazen Packaging Redesign

Superfood gets super packaging.

Client Needs

When Javazen first reached out to Duckpin Design, they were still laying the groundwork for the company in their University of Maryland, College Park incubator space. We were immediately impressed with the energy of the company’s co-founders, and were excited to take on their packaging redesign.

While Javazen was already the latest buzz on campus (no pun intended), the guys had their eyes on a bigger prize—the retail and e-commerce marketplace. They knew impactful packaging was key to get their products noticed on the shelf. Eye-catching graphics with bold, bright color would quickly explain Javazen’s unique hybrid-blend concept that fuses ground coffee, loose tea and superfood.

Our Solution

The old Javazen packaging featured a muted, earthy color palette which spoke to the richness of the product, as well as it’s farm-to-bag story. Although it was sophisticated, the packaging lacked a boldness and excitement that would help it grab the attention of passing shoppers. We wanted to visually communicate the zen-like, mood-enhancing effect of Javazen’s three core products: Boost, Balance and Relax. Each flavor got it’s own personality and color story to match the product’s respective energies.

The final designs incorporate philosophies of Zen Buddhism, with the color story inspired by natural elements. Boost, a hi-caf, high energy blend, is designated by fiery, energetic orange, amber and yellow. Balance, the mid-caf blend, infuses earth colors—tints and shades of jewel-toned greens to symbolize foliage. A calm, soothing palette of sky and ocean blues define Relax, the lo-caf blend.

While each package design stands on its own, they also work in harmony as a group. On the shelf it creates an immediate and natural brand/color block among its competition. In addition to the color stories, the designs also feature subtle textures, clean, modern type, and graphic “easter eggs” such as the three-stroke ensō symbol (a free mind), which also iconically represents the company’s co-founders.

Project Results

The Javazen team continually sends us positive feedback on their packaging redesign. Our work has helped them secure accounts with large grocers, as well as specialty boutique markets. The product is also a standout at food shows, farmer’s markets and social events.

The company has been featured in The Washington Post, on ABC, CNVC, and was the grand prize winner of the 2016 Cupid’s Cup Entrepreneurship Competition, founded by Under Armour Founder & CEO, Kevin Plank.

Project Services

  • Digital Product Renderings
  • Packaging Design
  • Print Production

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